To plan or not to plan


Which travel mentality do you have? Are you a notorious ”plan-everything-at-once-structure-facist” or a ”whatever-happens-take-it-as-it-comes-hippie”? I´m usually somewhere in between. Always too late to catch the best bookings, but not cool enough to let it go completely and find the hidden pearls. 

I wish I had more of the hippie-mentality. There is a very romantic light over the ability to take everything as it comes. Still I very often find myself doubting. Will we find a hotel? What if we don´t find any network on the road? Won´t the kids be stressed if they don´t know what we are up to? I hear a little voice whispering to me in a very annoying way: ”You have a plan, right? You gotta have a plan! This is what people do – they plan”. So, I get stressed and start looking at all kinds of different accommodation sites. Just to check the market, I´m telling myself. Everywhere I go I´m caught by all kinds of disturbing messages like ”12 people are looking at this hotel right now”, ”Only one room left”, ”Almost everything is sold out in this region”. Yeah, you get he drill. Suddenly the hippie-mentality is long gone.

Thomas and I was sitting at least three hours last night in front of the computer, stressed out by all the accommodation possibilities we could find, or not find, for the beginning of our trip. In the end we booked the first nights in Cuba and the first ones in Florida, when we arrive there in the end of March. This way we can have an easy start and get settled before we decide on our next step.

Planning is great, sometimes. But in the end planning is also pretty easy. At least if you are born with the planning mentality in your bones. The real challenge is to trust that you are flexible enough to take on whatever comes. And this is my mission for this trip.

So the only land marks we have so far is that we fly to Havanna on the 28th February, further on to Miami on the 21th of March and then back home from Los Angeles on the 28th of May. The rest we will find out. 

6 days before take off.

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